Selected for the covering of the Antwerp Ring Road!

Team OMGEVING – COBE – DE URBANISTEN is selected as one of the six design teams of the international competition for the covering of the Antwerp Ring Road.

Based on the elaborate vision for the covering of the whole Antwerp Ring, our team was assigned the western side of the ring zone. This western zone of the city, consisting of Linkeroever and Zwijndrecht, was assigned to our team by a jury that was composed of the Flemish government, the City of Antwerp, the team of the intendant, experts and representatives of the civil movements.

During the next nine months, our team will create a detailed vision and a development plan for the Segment West with a co-creative process, which will include multiple workshops. The official launch for this zone will take place on September 9, 2017 in the western district itself. This will be the beginning of the dialogue with all parties involved, being various citizens’ movements, entrepreneurs, local associations, schools, individual citizens, etc..

You can register here for the workshops.

Team OMGEVING – COBE – DE URBANISTEN will be supported by Yellow Window, COPENHAGENIZE, NEY, SBE, D+A, MINT, ABO-CONSULT and architecture pool RE-ST – Friday Office – OYO.