Won: Leie passage Menen

OMGEVING, as a partner of the joint venture (JV) ‘Doortocht Menen’, has obtained the assignment for the ‘Leie works’ in the centre of Menen, which are part of the Seine Schelde Vlaanderen project. The JV ‘Doortocht Menen’ has now been selected on behalf of De Vlaamse Waterweg nv and the city of Menen to further elaborate the Leie works towards realization.

In the coming months, the team will start working on the necessary widening of the river bend in the centre of Menen and the renewed bridge in Rijselstraat and to integrate a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge outside the city centre. This utilizes the opportunity to strengthen the link between the city and the Leie and to focus on urban renewal. Three design and engineering firms join forces in the JV: SBE provides the hydraulic engineering part, NEY & Partners takes on the design of the bridges and OMGEVING is responsible for the design of the public space. The team is further strengthened by a number of subcontractors with diverse supporting expertise.