Landscape design residential care centre Heverlee realized

OMGEVING has developed the landscape design for a new residential care centre in Heverlee. Due to the growing care dependency of the Annuntiaten Sisters and the deterioration of the existing buildings, the need arose for the construction of a new building. The new residential care centre, designed by Llox architects, is a compact building, integrated in the historical context of the site. Due to the simple and clear landscape design, the new building will have a recognizable and logical place within the existing campus. The residential care centre is no longer a secluded place, but opens up towards visitors and co-users. This means that residents will have more contact with for example the many students who also reside on campus. This contact is further stimulated with five patio gardens, each with their own thematic interpretation such as a scented garden, a flower garden and a wandering garden. These theme gardens are accessible to all residents and visitors, they enhance social interactions and focus on an attractive seasonal experience.