Urban Lab Green City Pilot Kigali

In the week of 6 May 2019, OMGEVING facilitated a five-day Urban Lab for the Green City Pilot project concerning the sustainable urban development of 750 hectare located at Kinyinya Hill in the Rwandan capital Kigali. During this intensive week, work sessions took place with the vast team of experts who are involved in this project, with the local community and with government officials. By means of three thematic spatial explorations, the blue-green framework, the infrastructure framework and the program, the dialogue with these three groups of stakeholders could focus on the main outlines and principles of sustainable development. These outlines will lay down the preconditions for an international design competition to follow, tasked with a first phased development of 18 hectares. The combination of knowledge sharing and spatial exploration through integrated spatial scenarios has led to a dynamic and co-productive workshop week.