Project kick off gateway De Prosperhoeve

OMGEVING is shaping the gateway of De Prosperhoeve. The municipality of Beveren wants to revalue this historically valuable farm site in the Prosperpolder by integrating various new functions, thus giving a new allure to this special site with its rich history and unique patrimony. The Prosperhoeve will be a new recreational gateway for, among others, the Grenspark Groot-Saeftinghe and Havenland areas. The contrasts but also the synergies between the port, nature and agriculture should make themselves known in the future vision for the gateway.

In the coming months, OMGEVING will work with NU Architectuuratelier and Orientes on a reception plan, a redevelopment plan and a financial plan. These plans are inextricably linked with each other and form a crucial instrument for the realisation of the renewed image for the Prosperpolder.