Farewell founder Jef Van den Broeck

OMGEVING is sad to announce the passing of one of our founders.

Jef Van den Broeck was one of the founders of Studiegroep Omgeving in 1973, an interprofessional partnership in the field of urban planning, architecture and land surveying. Until 1997, Jef was the driving force and the leading figure who steered Studiegroep Omgeving towards becoming one of the leading design firms in Flanders. Jef was a man of practice and advised many municipal authorities. His career started in Klein-Brabant, where he was the urban development advisor in the municipalities of Ruisbroek (later Puurs) and Bornem. He understood the day-to-day problems and needs of municipalities like no other and was able to offer them creative and innovative solutions. In this way, many pilot projects on structural planning, extended special plans for construction, area-based and integrated plans, strategic and participatory plans, etc. were created within Studiegroep Omgeving. He knew how to inspire his employees and how to feed them with new insights over and over again. Jef always combined his work within Studiegroep Omgeving with education, first at the Hoger Architectuur Instituut van het Rijk and later at the Henri Vandevelde Institute in Antwerp and finally at the KU Leuven. Jef was also Incessantly involved in numerous professional unions and associations within Flanders and internationally. Stad aan de Stroom and Isocarp, to name but two, were close to his heart. Jef loved networking and had an extensive network of his own. In recent years he has been the author of several articles and books. Only recently his book titled “Spatial Planning Matters! Inspiring Stories and Fundamenal Topics” was published which is no better way to describe Jef’s conviction. Until today he followed with interest the further development of ‘his’ Study Group called OMGEVING.

Jef will not budge from our thoughts. All employees wish to thank Jef and express their sincere support to his family.