Selected: open space vision for ‘De Kaaien’ Aalst

OMGEVING has been selected to draw up a robust open space vision for the strategic project ‘De Kaaien’ (The Quays) in Aalst. The project area along the Dender waterway has a rich industrial history, houses a varied industrial heritage and also facilitates new urban developments on the existing post-industrial sites.

On the basis of the detailed approach and vision for the project area, in particular the initial design principles for the public space along ‘De Kaaien’, the city of Aalst assigned the project to our team. In the coming months we will work out an open space vision for the project area ‘De Kaaien’ by means of research by design and a co-creative process. The vision, along with a development strategy and materials manual, will focus on the themes blue-green network, connecting network and strategic locations.

OMGEVING is supported by partners Driekwart Groen for the ecological expertise, SBE for the hydraulic engineering expertise and Rasschaert Advocaten for the legal expertise.