Two management plans in het Haspengouw region

OMGEVING has started the management plans for the protected landscape heritage of Kuttekoven and the surroundings of the monastery of Kolen in Borgloon, two glorious venues in the undulating landscape of Haspengouw. Both management plans aim to develop an coherent vision for the existing heritage characteristics. In this way, a management strategy for the built heritage is elaborated with the aim of preservation, strengthening, restoring and improving the heritage values behind the protection. In addition to the spatial, ecological and historical strengthening of the landscape, the management plan also focuses on the touristic potential of the area.

The surroundings of Kuttekoven and Kolen are located in a geographically very interesting area, where watercourses have formed large relief differences and asymmetrical valleys. Valuable fauna and flora with historic grasslands and fruit orchards enrich the landscape. In addition to some valuable old farms, castles, the steam syrup factory and the pittoresk church of Kuttekoven, also the Fruitspoor, an old railway line, is a defining element in the landscape.