Selected: ‘Ecological City Park Vlasakker’ Kortrijk

In the Hoog-Kortrijk district, the city of Kortrijk wishes to develop a second 17-hectare ecological city park as a follow-up to Kortrijk Weide: ‘Ecological City Park Vlasakker’. Following a selection procedure based on a first vision proposal, OMGEVING has been assigned to design the layout of this open space in collaboration with ecological partner Hesselteer. This project underlines OMGEVING’s focus on climate adaptation and co-creative projects.

In the initial vision, the study area is positioned in an integrated way within the larger urban district of Hoog-Kortrijk, based on three robust structures: embedding in the blue-green network as the primary structure, interconnecting with the slow network as the binding structure, and integration in the network of urban functions as part of the urban structure. In the further elaboration of the final design, various stakeholders and local residents will be given an important voice through various consultation and participation opportunities.