Presentation plans for Leiewerken Menen

During the digital information moment on May 18, 2021, the plans for de Leiewerken in the center of Menen, which are part of the Seine Schelde Flanders project, were presented to the neighbourhood. In recent months, the team of the THV Doortocht Menen has been working on the final design plans to further develop the necessary straightening of de Leie, the renovated bridge in Rijselstraat and the associated new public space in the center of Menen. This is a great opportunity to strengthen the connection between the city and de Leie and to focus on urban renewal. Three design and engineering offices are joining forces in the THV: SBE is responsible for the hydraulic engineering component, NEY & Partners is responsible for designing the bridges, and OMGEVING is responsible for designing the public space.

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