New step towards landscape park Halle

In recent years OMGEVING has been involved in various projects to develop a future vision for the wider area surrounding De Bres sports complex in Halle. In 2016 we helped shape the vision for the J. Possozplein-Slingerweg-De Bres urban renewal project. Later we further elaborated this vision in the design for the Landscape Park Halle.

The future vision for site De Bres consists of several parts. First of all, the city wants to realize a large park, where possibly the Zenne will be opened up. In order to get more space for the park, the parking zones will be moved to a large underground garage. The plan still provides for various alternatives, depending on what will happen to the sports hall. The sports hall must either be thoroughly renovated or replaced by a new one. If the car traffic of visitors to this part of the city is more concentrated towards the parking garage, the traffic in the immediate vicinity will be greatly reduced. This will make it more pleasant and safe for cyclists and pedestrians. Finally, it is also important to pay attention to the edges of the park. On the city center side the plan provides for a new residential project with apartments and a lively plinth.

In order to realize all these ambitions, it is necessary to adapt some of the zoning and lay down the urban development rules. OMGEVING is currently working on the spatial implementation plan of De Bres with the city of Halle. The start-up and process note are ready and are currently the subject of a public authorising authority consultation. The city is encouraging as many people as possible to think about their future park via website, social media and an exhibition next to the sports hall, using the motto ‘RUP De Bres: from parking to park’.

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