Masterplan ‘Future proof Oostkamp’ presented

The team OMGEVING, plusoffice architects, Suunta and cityD presents the masterplan ‘Future proof Oostkamp’.  This masterplan formulates a number of clear ambitions for a lively and habitable Oostkamp, also in the future. The shared development vision is translated into a prospective map, rendering visible how the center of Oostkamp can gradually evolve as an attractive town center where living, shopping, meeting and dwelling go hand in hand. The de-sealing of mineral surfaces takes shape in a number of new green street profiles and squares with climate profiles, as well as a network of parks and gardens. The ‘modal shift’ is being prepared with bikeable main routes and the elimination of missing links throughout the core. In this way, we are combining an active, healthy lifestyle with a high quality public space. This transition is implemented thanks to various strategic projects and a clear framework for private developments. In this way, all kinds of partners are helping to build a future-proof Oostkamp. The municipality and its advisory councils approved the master plan, ready for the first follow-up projects.