Won: greening the ‘den Bell’ administrative building in Antwerp

OMGEVING, together with partners B-GT, Bollinger+Grohmann,¬†Yellow Window Design¬†and PAKT, won the design competition for the greening of the ‘den Bell’ administrative center in Antwerp. The ambitious design proposal transforms the majestic building with courtyard from a grey, petrified surface to a climate-adaptive urban oasis with green roofs, vegetated facades and a thriving, multifunctional courtyard garden.

The proposal creates a strong connection between the courtyard and the rooftops with integrated design interventions for greening (climate borders and facade greenery), blueing (water retention roofs and water features in the plaza) and heat reduction (maximum softening, trees and pergola). The flexible courtyard is aimed at various target groups and thus offers great social added value.

This underlines OMGEVING’s focus on the sustainable, inclusive and climate-robust public spaces of tomorrow.