Preliminary design for the redevelopment of Wapper in Antwerp approved

The city of Antwerp aims to transform the iconic, elongated square in the centre of the Meir, into a new and contemporary city square. Over the past few months, the team of OMGEVING + De Urbanisten, in close collaboration with the city of Antwerp and Waterlink, has worked on the preliminary design for this ambitious transformation.

The design’s main feature is the central water body in which purified rainwater will flow from the underground reservoir in an enclosed and circular system. This design not only brings cooling effects to the city centre but also revitalizes the historical significance of the existing underground Rui.

Around the water, zones will be created to enhance the current usage of Wapper by providing more seating, more substantial greenery such as large trees, planting beds, purifying aquatic plants and more terrace space. The edges of the square will remain an important connection for cyclists and pedestrians, facilitating clear flows and enough space.

In spring 2024, there will be an information session for Antwerp residents and stakeholders interested in the preliminary design for Wapper. The final design is scheduled to be completed in autumn 2024.

Client: City of Antwerp, Waterlink

Team: OMGEVING, De Urbanisten, D+A Consult