Park Kalverenstraat - Mechelen info

An inner area in the Nekkerspoel neighborhood in the north of Mechelen will have a school extension, a neighborhood parking lot and a park. Despite its limited scale, the spatial experience of the neighborhood park is maximized through the use of sloping lines and small level differences. This topography is cleverly used to prevent the parking from dominating the spatial image, this ensures an optimal play space. A long wooden bench gives the place additional resting and meeting opportunities. A long play garland provides a variety of play opportunities for young and old. Centrally through the park, a new path between Kalverenstraat and Grote Nieuwedijkstraat is provided to ensure future accessibility and use.
title park Kalverenstraat
location Mechelen
client City of Mechelen
contact person Fons Van Dam
status completed
period 2015-2018
area 0,5 ha
Neighborhood park with dog walking zone, pedestrian area, meeting place, play opportunities
budget € 550.000 excl. VAT
team Eric Dessaer, Hang Zang, Kristof De Bonte, Leen De Groote, Luc Wallays, Tompy Hoedelmans
project leader Tompy Hoedelmans