Kempenstraat - Antwerp info

The hospital group ZNA is combining the former Antwerp OCMW hospitals under one roof. The new ZNA Cadix complex, consisting of 19 floors, will become the hinge point between the city centre, Park Spoor Noord and the port.

The space between ZNA and the docks will have a low-traffic layout that responds to the scale of the adjacent quay. The former Kempenstraat will be replaced by a bicycle highway and a tram line with a halt in front of the main entrance. Ambulant-logistical and motorised traffic will be directed north into the underground car park. These interventions make the hospital and its surroundings easily accessible, well-organised and safe.

Besides the necessary paving, the almost three hectares of public square are designed as green as possible. In line with the image quality of the Eilandje, a 5000 m² prairie garden is laid out on the underground car park. The garden between ZNA and the docks will be the perfect relaxation area for patients, their visitors and staff. The rich planting has surprises for every season. The area between ZNA and Park Spoor Noord will be landscaped with extensive flower meadows, native tree grids and wadis for water retention. These furnishing elements aim to create a park atmosphere with which the exterior landscaping of the hospital complex connects maximally to its surroundings.


title Kempenstraat
location Antwerp
client AG VESPA
contact person Niels Vandemoortele
status executed
period 2016-2022
surface 3 ha
square, prairie garden, road infrastructure
design, technical detailing, site supervision
budget € 4.845.000 excl. VAT
project team Bram Wyers, Kristof de Bonte, Leen de Groote, Luc Wallays, Maarten Moers
project leader Maarten Moers
partnership VK architects & engineers