Kemmel Cemetery - Heuvelland (Kemmel) info

Kemmel Cemetery is located in the rolling hills of Kemmel and is an extension of the small cemetery on former farmland. Due to its sloping surface the plot offers a wide view of the surrounding fields. Starting points for the design, such as an easy, orientable and clear planning and management are paramount which becomes ‘palpable’ through a thoughtful, functional and spatial design, typical of local customs and possibilities. In this way a simple, characterful and green structure is created, in which the uniqueness of the place is reinforced.

As much as possible, tombstones have been emphasized with green volumes in advance. Gravel paths have been transformed into grass paths. On the entire southern side, a few trees have been planted, including walnut and hawthorn trees, which add a varied light and shadow effect. In order to support the ‘symbolism of eternity’ the whole has been further supplemented with evergreen massifs, with shrubs such as holly.
In addition to smaller relief changes, necessary for a good drainage system, the approach was also to make the whole easily accessible. The access and the main walkway to the rear have been worked out as much as possible on a flat to slightly sloping terrain with partly an access road in gravel lawn and partly a minimal lane in locally cast concrete interwoven with grass strips. In this way the main walkway is functional for heavier traffic as well as for wheelchairs and strollers. The basic idea behind this ‘landscape cemetery’ is to ensure a peaceful and meditative place within an enclosed green cemetery that is one with the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

title Kemmel Cemetery
location Heuvelland (Kemmel)
client municipality of Heuvelland
contact person Frederik Schoonheere
status gerealiseerd
period 2016-2018
surface area 6,000 m²
schedule expansion central cemetery, design ceremony pavilion
tasks design, construction file, site supervision
budget € 410,000 excl VAT
project team Ben Derijcker, Christian Vermander, Stijn Vyncke
project leader Christian Vermander
partnership Engineering Fraeye en partners
constructor Dewulf gebroeders bvba