Bernadine Monastery Lviv - Lviv-Ukraine info

For the refurbishment of the former Bernardine monastery site, an international competition was organized by the board of the Ukrainian city Lviv. The design aims to perceive the site as a whole again, with a subtle distinction between the different subspaces. The quirky lines and the continuous square floor are the red thread in the public space design of the monastery.
The location of the former monastery wall will be marked by a lit steel line, decorated with a milled out pattern, referring to the aureole of Saint John of Duklya. His statue, formerly prominently present on the site, however, mysteriously disappeared.

The expressive design language is inversed in the area within the remaining enclosure compared to the area on the outside. In the courtyard of the monastery the green is emphasised with cut-outs of pavement. On the other hand, the public spaces on the outside of the wall, the reception square in front of the Bernardine church and the public space along the northern and western facade of the monastery, are mainly paved and softened with additions of green areas. The peace in the courtyard is perfectly compatible with the planned art gallery and an exhibition space for works of art. This is linked to the University of Culture and Art of Lviv, located in the former monastery building.

title Bernadine Monastery
location Lviv (Ukraine)
client City of Lviv
contact person Lilia Onyschchenko
status competition design
period 2012
area 2 ha
budget € 974.000
program circa 700 ha
tasks surroundings of the former Bernardine Monastery with integration of a new art centre and exhibition space
team Björn Bracke, Carolien Decq, Tompy Hoedelmans
project leader Tompy Hoedelmans