Blue Gate - Antwerp info

Blue Gate Antwerp is a progressive commercial zone that will be built on the site of the former petroleum harbor in southern Antwerp. This brownfield site that measures 64 hectares in size is being redeveloped into a high-quality, waterside, and eco-effective business park. The business park includes a logistics zone, a manufacturing zone, a zone dedicated to research and development, and a 14.5 ha central park area that is to be spontaneously developed in an ecologically-aware manner. The heritage that dates from the site’s past as a refinery, including pipelines, warehouses, and tanks, play a role in determining the uniqueness of this workplace of the future. In 2010 the broad outlines were set out in the master plan drafted by OMGEVING, and in 2013 the city of Antwerp participated in a competitive dialogue in order to select a private partner for cleaning up, developing and operating the site by means of a public-private partnership. Through this dialogue a comprehensive and a financial proposal was drawn up by three different consortiums, and after an intensive process the Blue O’pen consortium, headed by the DEME Group and BOPRO, was selected as the private partner in 2016. As part of the Blue O’pen consortium, OMGEVING is responsible for drafting the urban development plans, the construction plans, following up on the work, as well as for the process support in respect of spatial aspects. This means that for the next two decades OMGEVING will be a part of the creation of one of the most progressive commercial zones in Western Europe.


title Blue Gate design and  construction
location Antwerp
client Blue O’pen (DEME-groep, BOPRO, City of Antwerp)
status launch phase
period 2016-2036
method of award competitive dialogue
surface area 64 ha
schedule city and regional waterborne distribution and smart logistics, high-quality manufacturing, research and development, a green corridor, spatial economy, eco-effectiveness, soil clean-up, mobility, landscape, visual quality, phasing, park management
team Björn Bracke, Eric Dessaer, Luc Wallays, Maarten Moers, Peter Seynaeve, Tine Daems, Tom De Cubber
project leader Luc Wallays
partnership RE-ST, Hydroscan
contractor Willemen Group