Boekenbergpark swimming pond - Antwerp info

The Boekenbergpark revamp and the conversion of its swimming pool into an ecological swimming pond has brought unity, uniformity, and harmony to the park once again. A respect for the soul and the genius loci of the English landscape park constitute the basic approach to the master plan design. In analogy with the park’s original follies, such as the former Chinese tower, three new park pavilions have been constructed as contemporary additions. At the edge of the sunbathing area there are two park pavilions containing sanitary facilities, showers, changing rooms, and lockers. The secured entrance to the actual lake is organized through a third pavilion, which also fulfils the role of a striking gatehouse.

The prominent pavilions contribute in both a functional and aesthetic sense to increasing the value of the park. They are clad with rust-brown weathering steel, a vandalism-resistant material that is perfect for creating free forms and that fits in the environment in terms of its color and the aging process (it weather naturally). The number of facade openings is limited to minimize burglaries and vandalism. All openings can be closed using gates or shutters made of weathering steel. When openened, actions within the building can easily be (socially) monitored. Thanks to their contemporary and dynamic touch, they bolster the contrast in an authentic and modern manner and the service buildings contribute – even when shut – to the revaluation of the parkland.

The architectural interventions within this project were realised by OM/AR architecten performed under the name OMGEVING.

title Boekenbergpark swimming pond
location Antwerp
client city of Antwerp, Axima services
status completed
period 2006-2007
method of award tender
surface area 11,068 m² (park zone), 348 m² (surface area of buildings)
schedule ecological lake, park, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, entrance building with service areas
tasks design, project file, site management, master plan and landscaping
budget € 2,626,207 (park), € 731,025 (buildings)
team Evy Depauw, Filip Lagiewka, Luc Wallays, Virginie Derycke, Yoeri De Pelecijn
project leader Evy Depauw
partnership All-engineering, Axima Services, Eole, Gutschker-Dongus, SGS
contractor Arwo bouw