Campus Posthofbrug - Antwerp (Berchem) info

Campus Posthofbrug consists of two new large office buildings with different tenants, designed by abv+ architects. The recognisability and uniformity between these buildings has been increased by approaching the campus from a coherent vision and design philosophy. The design of the public space (entrance zones, patios, park area, roof gardens) aims to blur the boundaries between private, semi-public and public space by introducing a highly recognizable system of paths and places to stay. People can meet each other, work together and relax within this intricate network of public spaces.

Grass areas, water infiltration zones with aquatic vegetation, scattered clumps of trees and a sloping hill are some of the design elements which create a real park experience on campus.

title Campus Posthofbrug
location Berchem
client Kubel nv
status completed
period 2011-2019
surface area 50,000 m²
schedule design entrance zones, patios, park area, roof gardens
tasks design, technical detailing, site supervision
project team Carolien Decq, Koen Moelants, Peter Seynaeve, Tompy Hoedelmans
project leader Tompy Hoedelmans
partnership abv+ architecten