Passage Leie - Menen info

The works on the Crossing of the Leie in Menen are part of the larger Seine-Schelde project to connect two top regions in Europe. This requires infrastructure works near the center of Menen to ensure the passage of larger container and push ships. These include widening and straightening the Leie as well as replacing the existing center bridge with a new, higher bridge and creating new public space. OMGEVING, as partner of the temporary trading company (THV) Doortocht Menen, has won the contract for the Leie works in the center of Menen, a project that is part of the Seine Schelde Flanders project. In the THV, three design and engineering offices join forces: SBE takes care of the hydraulic engineering part, NEY & Partners takes on the design of the bridges and OMGEVING is responsible for the design of the public space.

The new public space should become a real meeting place where city residents and visitors can enjoy alongside the water. Much attention has been paid to its accessibility by means of ramps and stairs to the lowered areas. Another important aspect of the design is the green experience. The ambition here was to achieve a balanced share of greenery and paving. Some intensive green areas are complemented by extensive grassland and colorful borders. This not only benefits biodiversity, but also adds value to the green experience. The use of honest and sustainable materials reinforces this experiential value.

title Passage Leie
location Menen
client De Vlaamse Waterweg
contact person
Jonas Vermander
Final design - preparation of implementation file
period 2015-...
award method
Public procurement
area 72.000 m2
Construction of new center bridge, widening of the Lys and quay works, construction of public space
Inventory, design, site supervision, participation process support
team Kevin Favere, Luc Wallays, Steven Petit, Sofie Baert, Koen Moelants, Peter Seynaeve, Jhon Prada
project leader Steven Petit
SBE, NEY + Partners