Geelhandplaats - Antwerp info

After the renovation of the social housing complex, designed by architect Alfons Francken, Woonhaven decided the public space deserved an upgrade as well. In this neighborhood with its multicultural inhabit-ants, the public spaces are used intensively as places for diverse social interactions between all age groups. OMGEVING used this context as inspiration and designed a colorful, high-quality courtyard. The design is simple and strong, with a multicolored rubber carpet, draped in the center of this geometric space. The floor has a slight slope which creates an enclosed space surrounded by multifunctional edges on which people can sit, lie down and play. On the spacious rubber floor, play equipment has been placed at random as well as some trees. This project was nominated for the Public Space Prize 2011.

title Geelhandplaats
location Antwerp
client Flemish Association for Social Housing, ‘Woonhaven’
contact person Mark Fierens
status completed
period 2006-2010
surface area 2.500 m²
schedule safe playground with access for emergency services
tasks design, technical detailing, site supervision
team Bert Van Looveren, Koen Moelants, Kristof D’Hooghe, Luc Wallays, Peter Seynaeve, Peter Swyngedauw, Tom Beyaert
project leader Peter Seynaeve
constructor Krinkels nv
prizes nomination Public Space Prize (Prijs Publieke Ruimte) 2011
2012, Dopress Books, ‘Geelhandplaats’ in Art + Scape! (Shenyang, China)
2011, Steunpunt Straten, ‘Geelhandplaats, Antwerpen’ in Praktijkboek Publieke Ruimte 2011 (Berchem)
2010, ‘Geelhandplaats, een plein met dubbele belevingswaarde’ in Stad en Landschap (Herentals)