Grote Markt - Vilvoorde info

The decision to relocate the parking spaces underground at the Grote Markt square in Vilvoorde, presented an opportunity to think about the role and identity of this central square. The square has the potential to once again become the main meeting point in the city, with good connections to shopping streets and cultural attractions in the immediate vicinity.

The design provides a guide on how the Grote Markt can become a high quality place to dwell, competing with the comfort of indoor malls. This is precisely why a big gesture in the form of an iconic canopy is being introduced to enhance the historical frame of the square with a contemporary architectural interpretation to make a visit to Vilvoorde memorable. This intervention, supplemented by a large water feature, sufficient seating, new trees and the expansion of the existing terraces, makes the Grote Markt a gathering point in the city where all sorts of activities can take place, without losing its attractivity on an ordinary weekday.

title Grote Markt
location Vilvoorde
client City of Vilvoorde
contact person Audrey Merckaert
status completed
period 2016-2019
surface area 8,000 m²
schedule central square and iconic canopy
tasks design, technical detailing, site supervision
budget € 3,232,000 excl VAT
project team Andries Deconinck, Eric Dessaer, Luc Wallays, Peter Seynaeve, Tompy Hoedelmans
project leader Tompy Hoedelmans
partnership D+A Consult, Atelier Roland Jeol, Util, OM/AR