Youth zone Engels Kamp - Geel info

Following the Provincial Spatial Implementation Plan of Kievermont, the city of Geel wishes to develop part of the military domain of Engels Kamp into a play and youth cluster. The play forest already functions today as a location where the children of Geel can enjoy themselves in the former military domain. Also for Akabe-scouting, the youth movement with its premises located on the site, the transformation is a benchmark for their youth activities. The search for ideas for their new infrastructure is a balancing exercise in terms of flexibility, budget and timing.

The maximum preservation of the existing military characteristics is the starting point for the redevelopment of the entire zone. At the same time, the various program elements each have their own spatial characteristics, dividing the youth zone into different typical subspaces. The structure sketch is based on four sub-zones, each with their own characteristics and functions, but still perceived as a coherent park. From west to east it concerns the following zones: the transition zone with kiss & ride and game elements, the covered former military shed with youth rooms, the central meadow with a space for campfires and the shielded game program. The alternation of different subspaces determines the attractiveness of the new park. The beating heart of the play zone will be the upgraded and opened-up military shed to which various functions will be linked. Because of its central location, at the intersection of two important axes and adjacent to various activity zones, this area will become a meeting place for both youth movements and park visitors.

title youth zone Engels Kpmp
location Geel
client City of Geel
contact person Greet Verwerft
status completed
period 2017-2018
surface area about 3 ha
schedule design youth zone with parking, kiss & ride, game elements, layout former military shed with youth rooms and sanitary facilities, playground, campfire place, covered game program and expansion playground
tasks analysis, program, structure sketch, global cost estimate
project team Andries De Coninck, Irene San Sebastian, Joke Vande Maele, Peter Swyngedauw
project leader Peter Swyngedauw