Kardinaal Mercier Square - Jette info

A simple, powerful and interpretable design transformed the Kardinaal Mercier Square from a dull parking area into a multifunctional public space where commuters, visitors and residents pass each other by and meet up. Various modes of transport intertwine inconspicuously with the desired residential quality of life. The sustainable use of high quality material and a rich collection of greenery form the ingredients for a lively local square.

title Kardinaal Mercier Square
location Jette
client Beliris
status completed
period 2007-2013
method of award international competition
surface area 4 ha
schedule events square, station square, 200 parking places, 80 bicycle racks, bus terminal loop, parking kiosk, awnings, square furniture, station clock
tasks design, project file, site management, communication
budget € 3,800,000
team Luc Wallays, Koen Moelants, Maarten Moers, Peter Swyngedauw
project leader Luc Wallays
partnership ARA
prizes 1st prize in international competition
nominated for the 2009 Publieke Ruimte prize
publications 2009, Steunpunt Straten
‘Kardinaal Mercierplein, Jette’ in Praktijkboek Publieke Ruimte 2009