Layout study for the Waasland Logistics Park - Waasland Port - Beveren info

OMGEVING performed a layout study, together with Cenerie, Quares and Rebel, on behalf of the Waasland Logistics Park (LPW). This logistics oriented business park is located in the southern corner of the Port of Waasland between the E34 expressway, Verrebroekstraat and Schoorhavenweg roads, and covers a total area of 170 ha. The LPW is divided into an eastern zone and a western one, with the zones physically separated by an infrastructural collection that is made up of the north-south road link and the Liefkenshoek railway. In the eastern zone, a 50 ha area has already been developed for logistics infrastructure.

The sustainable basic idea for the devised layout plan comprises a rational grid structure that is to be used for the flexible development of the business park over time. The plan works on a multimodal access by road and rail, anticipates the value of locations on the E34 on-ramps and off-ramps and clusters together the maximum possible amount of common greenery and water storage. The plan provides the embedment of several paths for pedestrians and cyclists as well as a sturdy ecological landscape structure around the borders of the site. The eastern zone is reserved for larger scale port and industrial logistics, with optimum use of the present and new multimodal transportation systems. Meanwhile, the western zone contains smaller lots for small-scale logistics. In both zones much attention was paid to the integration of sufficient greenery, along with additional requirements for a sustainable corporate structure and the restriction of any possible causes of nuisance. The central green axle forms an overarching structure that brings together access, water buffering and greenery for both zones.

title Layout study for the Waasland Logistics Park
location Waaslandhaven-Beveren
client Maatschappij Linkerscheldeoever
contact person Marjan Van Avermaet
status completed
period 2014-2015
surface area 170 ha
schedule logistics infrastructure, multimodal access, landscape integration
tasks layout study
team Carolien Decq, Kevin Favere, Luc Wallays, Steven Petit
project leader Steven Petit
partnership REBEL, Quares, Cenergie