Left Bank dike works - Antwerp info

The Left Bank dikes are being raised as a result of the updated Sigma Plan, which required the dikes in the project area to be raised to 9.25 m above the TAW (Tweede Algemene Waterpassing – the horizontal water reference level used in Belgium). OMGEVING has joined forces with SBE to create a spatial vision for this complex design task. This vision sees the raised dikes as a clear line in the landscape, separating the regions on either side of the dike and simultaneously taking into account the existing infrastructure beside the shipping channel. By using earth dikes covered with greenery, as far as was possible, the left bank of the Scheldt has become a spatial counterpart to the river’s ‘hard’ right bank.

The vision pays much attention to expanding the recreational network, creating greater ecological value, and upgrading the public space that borders the body of the dike. The proposed layout provides for an attractive elongated park in Linkeroever, which means that the river dike plays a role that exceeds its function as a defense against water.

title Left Bank dike works
location Antwerp
client Waterwegen en Zeekanaal nv
contact Reinhilde Van Hooydonck
status creation of vision completed
period 2011-2012
surface area 103 ha
schedule raising the dikes within the framework of the Sigma Plan, landscape integration, devising the public space
tasks inventory, bottleneck analysis, creating a spatial vision
budget € 15.000.000 excl. VAT
team Björn Bracke, Koen Moelants, Luc Wallays, Maxim Porres, Steven Petit
team leader Luc Wallays
partnership SBE