Library - Zoersel info

The upgrade of the Pleintje site, where the new library is located, is part of the larger Zoersel Town PPP (public-private partnership) project. The planned construction of a bypass around the center provides a unique opportunity for rediscovering the town center’s qualities. The site is located on the town square, which will likewise be redesigned. The new library will becomethe town icon. The building is the outcome of an exercise in balancing between the scale of the town on the one hand and an illustration of the building’s public role on the other. Thanks to the smart combination of the library with multi-purpose venues, administrative offices, a commercial space and a caretaker’s apartment, the building is set to play a prominent role in the revamped town fabric.

The building stands on five lots, the frontage of each being a different length, corresponding to the scale of the surrounding lot frontages. The staggered design continues throughout the building so that each lot is distinguished in its entirety from the neighboring one. Each part is individually designed, after which it was wrapped in an extensively insulating shell.

A private housing development was included in the back of the site. A bicycle and pedestrian crossing and an attractively laid-out courtyard reinforce the fact that the Pleintje site is anchored in the town’s fabric.

The architectural interventions within this project were realised by OM/AR architecten performed under the name OMGEVING.

title Library
location Zoersel
client De Linde Vastgoed, municipality of Zoersel
contact person Kris Peeraer (De Linde Vastgoed)
status completed
period 2009-2015
method of award tender (finalist)
surface area 1,404 m² (surface area), 1,277 m² (lot), 15,280 m² (public space)
schedule library, offices, staffrooms, multi-purpose venues, commercial space, caretaker’s apartment
tasks master plan, full architectural design, including the interior and the surrounding area
budget € 2,363,000
team Evy Depauw, Kaat Balcaen, Karol Grygolec, Koen Moelants, Luc Wallays, Otsoe Verdonckt, Peter Seynaeve, Steven Petit, Tristan Verleyen
project leader Evy Depauw
partnership Arcadis (stability, EPIC and sustainable techniques), Elie Regnard (safety)
contractor Van Roey