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A concatenation of small habitations on the Stuifzandrug is one of the structural defining elements of the Bornem municipality. The open space connections between these habitations are part of this spatial system. Luipegemkouter is one of the most valuable open space connections on the Stuifzandrug. Besides the central open space with fields and meadows, there are valuable forests and heathlands. The objective of this spatial implementation plan is to manage the open space sustainably by protecting the openness, strengthening and connecting the naturally valuable areas, organizing the recreational use of space and expanding the network of small landscape elements. In order to control the proliferation of equestrian activities and give to give the sport a future in this area, the municipality plans a roofed equestrian arena. The spatial realization plan will provide guarantees for high-quality architecture and landscaping.

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Spatial implementation plan Luipegemkouter
location Bornem
Municipality of Bornem
contact person César Smits
Final approval
period 2004-2009
area 140 ha
Reinforcing the forest and nature area, space for equestrian activities, scenic and ecologically valuable agricultural area, trail network, play forest, finishing building edges, sports fields
Spatial research, landscape design, spatial realization plan
team Dora Borghijs, Guy Vloebergh, Gwen Laureys, Rob Van Hees
project leader Guy Vloebergh