Management plan of protected village centre Wambeek - info

OMGEVING worked with art historian Anne-Mie Havermans and architects Veerle Nys & Luc De Backer to create a management plan for the protected village centre of Wambeek, a suburb of Ternat. One of the main challenges of this assignment was to find a symbiosis between the heritage values and the contemporary use by its inhabitants. In this characteristic rural community in the Pajottenland region, there is a charming cemetery, enclosed by a brick wall and the authentic village centre, right next to the St Remigius church. This architectural heritage combined with the landscape heritage structures and elements make the village centre a unique and historical spot.

The historical context, the valuable graves and the numerous characteristic fa├žades determine the identity and are the basis from which the entire area will be upgraded to a remarkable village centre that also meets today’s usage standards and needs. The management plan was made in connection with a clear vision of the future to anchor this heritage in the future spatial policy of the municipality. The plan offers a framework for future developments on both private plots, such as new developments or facade renovations, as well as on the public area, such as upgrading the cemetary or redesigning the town centre facing the church.

title management plan of protected village centre Wambeek
Wambeek, Ternat
Municipality of Ternat
status completed
period 2019-2021
management plan of protected village centre
tasks coordination management plan + implementation of inventory, determination of management objectives and description of management measures concerning landscape heritage
project team
Hans Druart, Stijn Vyncke
project leader
Hans Druart
partnership Historian Anne-Mie Havermans and architects Veerle Nys & Luc De Backer