Manchesterlaan - Antwerp info

For the implementation of the master plan for the Luchtbal District to improve the housing in order to create more of a social mix, OMGEVING was appointed designer of the public space.

The center of this renewed district contains three courtyards and their surrounding streets. A new uniform mineral plane can be utilized for various uses which were not defined in advance. The free, maximum open space accentuates the monumentality of the surrounding residential towers. Trees are not necessary as structuring elements but are planted as green accents in the streetscape. They soften the image and guarantee a green continuity.

The various semi-public, introverted courtyards of the new housing blocks contrast with the open, wide and paved residential streets. The small-scale gravel pavement emphasizes the more intimate nature. Wide concrete seating edges, game stimuli and clusters of attractive plants alternate playfully within the gardens, breaking the long sightlines and accentuating the small scale of the gardens.

title Manchesterlaan
location Antwerp
client VMSW, stad Antwerpen, Riolink, Woonhaven
status completed
period 2010-2016
surface area 800 m new road + 2000 m² courtyard
schedule new roads and courtyards of the new residential social housing area along Manchesterlaan and some side streets
tasks design, technical detailing, site supervision
budget € 2,550,000 excl btw
team Bert Van Looveren, Hans Sysmans, Koen Moelants, Luc Wallays, Maarten Moers
project leader Luc Wallays