Master plan train station area Aarschot - info

In 2006 the province of West Brabant, the municipality of Aarschot and the NMBS Holding held an international competition for a strategic master plan for the Aarschot train station area. OMGEVING won this design competition.

Through a limited number of structural and strategic interventions the project area (50 hectares) was transformed into a high quality, multifunctional transport hub, where special attention was paid to accessibility, the functioning of the platforms and the area’s relationship to the historic town center of Aarschot.

In 2007 the strategic master plan was selected to be subsidised by the Flemish government using the Urban Renewal Fund. Once the procedure was completed, OMGEVING was asked to perform the follow-up process which consists of drafting an additional layout plan, making an animated film and drafting a declaration of intent and cooperation agreements between the parties.

title master plan station area Aarschot
location Aarschot
client province of Flemish Brabant, municipality of Aarschot, NMBS Holding, De Lijn, FSI
method of award international award
status completed
period 2005-2007
area 200 ha
schedule 61,600 m² commercial space, 38,000 m² homes, 2,250 m² retail space, 1,650 parking spaces,
two station squares
tasks master plan, financial plan, traffic simulations, animated film, communication
team Ellen Steenwegen, Julie D’aubioul, Luc Wallays, Tompy Hoedelmans, Peter Swyngedauw, Steven Petit
project leader Luc Wallays
partnership studio SK, CBRE, o2 Consult