Master plan Sint-Jozef College - Turnhout info

The board of directors of the Sint-Jozefcollege Turnhout wants to develop a vision for the future of the entire campus located on Koningin Astridlaan. The valuable domain, situated on the western inner edge of the ring road is the starting point in which education is central and can fully develop. The site is characterised by monumental buildings and a green, valuable landscape park including an extensive range of sports infrastructure and a stream with water-storing capabilities. These qualities are enhanced. In addition, the aim is to optimise the preservation, management, protection, supervision etc. of the entire site.

The aim of the master plan is to reorient the Sint-Jozef College site into a cohesive, well-functioning, legible and attractive, mixed campus. A campus that functions as an environment where different actors come together. Today, education is the main function on the site and this will continue to be the top priority in the future. The ‘refurbishment’ of the site must take place within its historical context and must go hand in hand with the current operation. In addition, the master plan is looking for a complementary alternative program for the sub-areas of the site which have big potential for the school community. The different elements have been translated within the master plan into layout sketches for the whole or parts of the site.

title master plan Sint-Jozef College
location Turnhout
client vzw Patrimonium Sint-Jozefcollege Turnhout
contact person Walter Van Doorn
status completed
period 2018-2019
programm master plan
tasks drawing up an atlas, vision, research by design, master plan
team Carolien Decq, Christophe Carrette, Daphné Roels, Evi Peeters, Peter Swyngedauw
project leader Peter Swyngedauw
partnership Orientes