Masterplan Špitálka - Brno-Czech Republic info

OMGEVING has developed a master plan for the Špitálka district in Brno as part of an idea competition. The city architect of the second largest city in the Czech Republic has launched the competition for the transformation of this district near the historic centre of Brno. Due to some imminent changes to the existing power plant, a considerable space will become eligible for reconversion. The idea competition requires a mixed living and working environment mixed with recreation, developed through smart city principles.

The competition proposal developed by OMGEVING sees the role of Špitálka in four parts: as a supplier of energy and goods, as a missing link within a green network, as part of an urban economy and as a living environment. The combination of these various functions makes the neighbourhood a lively and sustainable new neighbourhood within the city. The vision is based on three spatial layers: fitting into the historical structure, revitalizing the two rivers Svitavskà and Ponàvka and the strategic integration of a new urban boulevard.

The phased development of the new neighbourhood starts with a pilot project. The cooling tower becomes a lookout tower for the city. Existing buildings which are no longer needed by the power plant will temporarily receive a new interpretation. The other transformations of this city district are not planned on a site-specific basis. A set of generic principles provide guidance on how the site can further transform qualitatively, capitalizing on opportunities.

title Masterplan Špitálka
location Brno (Czech Republic)
client Kam Brno
status completed, 4rd place
period 2018-2019
schedule masterplan public space and development strategy
tasks idea competition
team Agne Dailidaite, Amedeo Ardolino, Andries De Coninck, Caroline Decq, Fien Batens, Lorenzo de Simone, Peter Swyngedauw
project leader Fien Batens