Molenbeek Valley - Beersel - Sint-Genesius-Rode info

The team of OMGEVING, Driekwart Groen, Eco-Insight, and Aquadvice created a vision for the Molenbeek Valley in the Beersel and Sint-Genesius-Rode region within the framework of the Land van Teirlinck land development project. As a preparatory study to drafting a development plan, the team formulated a widely-supported vision that was based on an integrated approach to the theme of water. The starting point of “space for water” acted as a catalyst for re-evaluating landscape structures, optimizing regions with major ecological value, and further recreational development tailored to the area. The selection of exemplary regions resulted in 8 action plans, for which a vision and concepts were devised. These action plans contain extensive details of how the hydrological aspects are to be incorporated in a natural structure, an ecological pillar, a recreational node, an urban facet, or in a combination of various aspects. This resulted in a book of suggestions that will be utilized when it comes to fleshing out the development plan for the Molenbeek Valley

title Molenbeek Valley
location Beersel, Sint-Genesius-Rode
client Flemish Land Agency, Eastern Region (Flemish Brabant)
contact person Ingrid Beerens
status completed
period 2013-2014
surface area 45 km²
schedule space for water, nature and recreation
tasks vision building for public space
team Andries Deconinck, Carolien Decq, Peter Swyngedauw, Tom De Cubber
project leader Peter Swyngedauw
partnership Driekwart Groen, Eco-Insight, Aquadvice, Chris Desmedt