Rozekensbos natural bridge - Aalst info

At the Oude Abdijstraat, the Regional Landscape Agency Schelde-Durme established a natural park at the request of the city of Aalst, where nature and play are the main focus. The park design strongly emphasizes the experience in and along this water. Part of the park is an excavated pond complex of more than one hectare in size.

OMGEVING designed the central construction across the pond at the behest of Regionaal Landschap Agency Schelde-Durme. The ‘nature bridge’ is the eyecatcher and the meeting place in the park. The bridge connects both banks of the large pond and completes the network of paths in the park. The nature bridge is not only part of a large walking loop. The integrated “bench” is a resting place for young and old, offers fascinating views over the water and is at the same time a play incentive for children. The eighty-meter-long decking path gives visitors the feeling that they can walk on water at high tide. In the design, additional efforts were made to maximize accessibility for strollers, bicycles and wheelchair users.

title Rozekensbos natural bridge
location Aalst
client Regionaal Landschap Agency Schelde-Durme
contact person Julie Decuyper
status completed
period 2015-2017
area 350 m²
bridge, seating area on the water
esign, technical execution, site follow-up
team Eric Dessaer, Koen Moelants, Tompy Hoedelmans
project leader Tompy Hoedelmans