New Podil - Kiev (Ukraïne) info

Podil is an important historical district in Kiev which houses many monuments. Today, the relationship to the river Dnipro has been disrupted by the presence of old industrial sites. Developer SAGA Development plans a mixed residential area facing the river, which focuses on making new connections. The winning design proposal of OMGEVING for the public space around the new buildings and for the waterfront aims for a maximal green design. The promenade along the river Dnipro features green islands with various interpretations (terraces, play landscapes, flowerbeds etc.) which creates an ecological continuity and variety. In the north, the green promenade continues/unfolds into a new park.

The integration of traffic infrastructure on a scale of the metropolis, the flexibility of the programmatic interpretation of the public space and the strengthening of the ecological network of Kiev are the main themes of the design.

title New Podil
location Kiev (Ukraine)
client SAGA Development
status first prize international competition
period 2018
surface area 96,000 m²
schedule landscape design concept for new public space for New Podil
tasks concept design
project team Agne Dailidaite, Amedeo Ardolino, Andries De Coninck, Dries Pattyn, Luc Wallays, Myron Devolder, Tompy Hoedelmans
project leader Tompy Hoedelmans