Office environment Securex - Ghent info

The environment surrounding the new Securex building forms the connecting space between the various functions, buildings and forms of use, both within and outside the boundaries of the site. The design proposal turns its back on the traditional parceling of land, where the starting point is a traditional street pattern. The design departs from an entrance square, in which the various functions, circulation movements and forms of use are integrated. A fixed grid, responding to the architecture of the building, is stretched across the site. Within this grid, paving and greenery are interwoven in a well-considered way.

The inner garden of the building has been given its own design, which responds to the experience within the garden itself, but also creates an attractive image from above, from the offices. A random line pattern, with colored areas of paving and alternating with green massifs with perennial borders, offers the possibility to use this space flexibly, as an extension of the internal functions of the cafeteria and the office building.

title Office environment Securex
location Ghent
client: Arch & Teco
contact person Sepp Matyn
status executed
period 2017-2021
budget € 721.254 excl. VAT
schedule environmental design of office garden, entrance plaza and parking zone
tasks design, technical implementation, site supervision
surface 6800 m²
project team Chris Vermander, Jehanne Storms, Hans Druart, Ruben Eelbode
project leader Ruben Eelbode
contractor Wyckaert