‘Over de Rand’ guerilla campaign - GentGhent info

To commemorate its 40th anniversary in 2013, OMGEVING launched the guerrilla campaign “Over de Rand” (“About the Urban Periphery”) through Labo Rand, a group of OMGEVING volunteers. The objective of the campaign was to focus on the potential of the Ghent urban periphery in an interactive and artistic manner. To that end, large red flags were erected at nine apparently random spots in the urban periphery. These striking markings caused visitors and passers-by to briefly consider the unique character of those spots. The flags also bore the address of the website

More information could be found on the website about the design study for those nine locations that was being conducted in parallel with the campaign. Occupants of the urban periphery could also add text and images for other potential locations. This created a dynamic online dialogue between the periphery designers and the inhabitants of the Ghent urban periphery that bolstered the debate on the region.

In 2014 an exhibition was held in the offices of the Ghent urban development company, SOGENT,  that was devoted to the campaign and the themes.

title Guerrilla campaign ‘Over de rand’
location Ghent
status completed
period 2013
schedule urban periphery design study, flag campaign, interactive website on the urban periphery
team Björn Bracke, Carolien Decq, Filip Lagiewka, Joke Vande Maele, Koen Moelants, Maarten Moers, Steven Petit, Wim Mertens
project leader Steven Petit
partnership Roderick Lindner