Plaza de Vulcano - Lanzarote-Spain info

Plaza de El Almacen has great potential to be transformed into a vibrant creative hotspot. The design aims to create a strong identity, a characteristic atmosphere, a meeting place and a  flexible space for activities. In creating an identity for the square, inspiration was found in the unique volcanic and the erratic landscape of Lanzarote. This ‘genius loci’ determines the design and is embedded in the way materials were chosen and design elements are elaborated. The design is not compelling, but rather playful, inviting and inspiring.

The overall layout of the square is formed by a continuous flexible space, following the main circulation axis on the square, and the curved mounds with trees. The mounds on the square refer to craters and volcanoes while providing sufficient growing space for greenery. The trees create pleasant shadow spaces. To create an extra shadow, four canopies are integrated on the square. Three canopies define a place for performance next to the wall, one canopy at the corner marks the entrance of the square. One of the canopies is equipped with photovoltaic panels providing electricity for activities. Groups of scattered fixed chairs provides comfortable seats for socialising. Together with the slopes of the mounds, the seats create an amphitheatre towards the projection wall. A fountain is integrated in the paving and can easily, when switched off, be used as a flexible space for markets, performances etc.

title Plaza de Vulcano
location Lanzarote (Spain)
client Cabildo de Lanzarote
status competition
period 2018
surface area 1,200 m²
schedule public square
tasks concept design
team Agne Dailidaite, Björn Bracke, Tompy Hoedelmans, Sauer Bruno
project leader Tompy Hoedelmans