Port of Antwerp area development - Antwerp info

The Port of Antwerp is set to be the “harbor of the future”. The development of this harbor of the future not only involves docks and business parks, but also the quality of life in the polder towns, the robustness of the natural environment, and dealing with traffic on both the left and the right banks.

Through the municipal spatial implementation plan approved in 2013 and 2014, the Flemish authorities have determined the boundaries within which the port of Antwerp can sustainably grow in the future. At the same time the authorities also approved an extensive plan of action, which contains a wide range of moves that reconcile economic development with other interests in a sustainable growth scenario.

OMGEVING came on board in 2014 to play a role in the process-oriented and substantive implementation of that plan of action. A project structure was set, within which the stakeholders were united in a central network. This umbrella network oversees around ten workgroups that prepare and undertake activities based on their perspective (heritage and landscape, environmental quality, reception and recreation, nature, commuting and mobility using a range of transport modes).

title  development Port of Antwerp area
location Antwerp, Beveren, Zwijndrecht, Stabroek
client Flemish government, Department of Mobility and Public Works
contact person Jan Hemelaer
status in progress
period 2014-
surface area 13.000 ha
tasks substantive and process-oriented support
team Dora Borghijs, Guy Vloebergh, Jan Baelus, Rob Van Hees, Tom De Cubber
links haven van de toekomst - Antwerpen