Possoz Square, Slingerweg, De Bres urban renewal project - Halle info

As part of its municipal structural plan and master plan for the micropolitan region of Halle, the town of Halle focused on redeveloping several strategic areas and projects. The preparatory study for the Joseph Possoz Square – Slingerweg – De Bres urban renewal project was based on the following objectives: bolstering the Halle city center as a retail, hotel, restaurant and cafĂ© center, and as a tourist and residential center, developing a vision of the future and a new identity for this district, endeavoring to create a high quality of life, and expanding a spatially and financially feasible development plan.

The purpose of the urban renewal was to create an urban center in the project area. In order to develop that urban character in the project area, it needed to be rescaled. Both the restoration of the historical logic and the integration of the planned infrastructural projects in a high-quality manner contributed to this desired rescaling and the resultant redefining of the spaces. There was a focus on the comprehensive rearrangement of the parking facilities as part of the urban renewal. In conjunction with the traffic-free square, vehicles were also restricted in the surrounding streets when those streets were renovated. The residential fabric of the project area was given a boost by the punctual completion of the uncompleted borders of the project area. Both the Zenne river and the canal were upgraded as carriers of the green-blue structure.

title urban renewal project Possoz square - Slingerweg - De Bres
location Halle
client stad Halle
contact person Kristof De Cuyper
status completed
period 2015
surface area 9 ha
schedule rearranging the parking facilities together with an underground parking lot, expansion project, and renovating the public space
tasks inventory and analysis, strategic development vision, design study, devising the primary scenario, mobility study, project plan
team Joke Vande Maele, Luc Wallays, Steven Petit
project leader Steven Petit
partnership Mint (mobility), Orientes (project plan)