Ringpark Het Schijn - Antwerp info

OMGEVING is working with partners De Urbanisten and Cobe on Ringpark Het Schijn. The design for Ringpark Het Schijn provides a resilient and climate-adaptive public space with attention to ecology, hydrodynamics, accessibility, participation and future sustainability. Ringpark Het Schijn is the missing green link between the Rivierenhof park, the Sportpaleis and Ringpark Lobroekdok, and will be transformed from a vacant plot and ring road into a park for the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Het Schijn is one of the last rivers in the city of Antwerp with natural shores and belongs to the Schijn valley. The river will be the backbone of the new park and will largely determine its identity. The riverbed will become larger so there’s more room to meander and the water will become more experienceable. A second important principle is the layout of the new park edges to increase the quality and social safety within the park. The accessibility of the park is another important design principle. The first phase of covering of the city Ring will provide a conflict-free and green connection between Deurne and Borgerhout for cyclists and pedestrians. The landscape around this canopy is designed in such a way that the park experience will continue uninterrupted across the highway.

During the preparation of the preliminary design, an intensive participation process took place. The results of this intensive participation process formed the basis for the activities in the park and the layout of the neighbourhood squares.

title Ringpark Het Schijn
location Antwerp
client: city of Antwerp
contact person Bert Claes
status in design
period 2020-...
award method 1st prize in design competition
budget € 34,900,000 excl. VAT
schedule park, meandering Het Schijn, neighbourhood functions, greening, climate adaptation
tasks design, technical implementation, site supervision, participation
surface 18 ha
project team Anne Declerck, Luc Wallays, Maarten Moers, Manuel Esteban Alvarez, Marie Mistiaen, Stijn Peeters
project leader Luc Wallays
partnership De Urbanisten, Cobe
subcontractor NEY & Partners, SBE, MINT and Driekwart Groen