Sneppenbos sports and recreation center - Boechout info

OMGEVING has designed a new sports and recreation center for Boechout and Vremde on the former Bulka military site. An intensive participatory process involving the associations concerned saw the desired schedule and the spatial composition of the building and the parklands finalized. OMGEVING further fleshed out the sports park based on the results of this urban design assignment. Zwarts & Jansma architects came on board as a partner for the building design.

The new sports hall is to be built against the warehouses of the neighboring container park, leaving enough space for a sports park that incorporates the underlying natural area all the way through to the road. The facade of the container park will have the same wooden cladding as the new sports center and the existing cornice will also run through to the new building, making the container warehouse and the new sports hall a single entity. An outside landing on the first floor forms a restrained and functional connection between interior and exterior.

The architectural interventions within this project were realised by OM/AR architecten performed under the name OMGEVING.

title Sneppenbos sports and recreation center
location Boechout
client municipality of Boechout, Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Boechout
status built
period 2010-2016
surface area 5,5 ha (site), 5.200 m² (building surface area)
schedule sports and recreational infrastructure with a sports hall, multipurpose hall and sports park
tasks urban design, design and construction of the public space and design and construction of the building
€ 6,500,000 (building)
€ 2,405,000 (park)
team Hans Sysmans, Kristof De Bonte, Luc Wallays, Marc Van Hove, Mart Smets, Niki Van Turenhout, Tom De Cubber, Tom Lanclus, Wim Mertens
project leader Marc Van Hove, Luc Wallays
partnership Zwarts & Jansma architecten