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The Spatial Structure Plan Ghent (RSG) has been setting out the guidelines for the spatial policy of the City of Ghent for more than twelve years. It directs the development and dynamics of the city with visible success.

The new policy plan is not an update of the existing structure plan, but once again takes a step forward in the way of thinking, ambition and development of a future-oriented Ghent urban region. This is expressed in an urban vision that is no longer based on sub-areas, theme-based development or sub-structures. The policy plan, on the other hand, is based on urban functioning and people-oriented planning. The daily dynamics are organized within different urban networks, including mobility, public space, water and even underground networks. The spatial and functional arteries of both the historical centre and the urban growth city, are the backbone of the present and future city. Moreover, the combination of different networks in one place, creates opportunities for well-chosen compaction projects, new green structures and increased attention to water. The Space for Ghent policy plan also does not shy away from current themes and challenges. It consciously focuses on climate robustness and child-friendliness, with special attention to the living environment of the residents and the everyday use of space.

OMGEVING was in charge of the design research, the substantive visioning supported by graphical and process-based support. This policy plan is a product of a four-year intensive design process in close collaboration with the various services of the city, with the population through an extensive participation trajectory and with the communication agency New Shoes Today.

title Space for Ghent
location Ghent
client City of Ghent
contact person Simon Verledens
status completed
period 2015-2018
team Dora Borghijs, Gerben Van Schoote, Guy Vloebergh, Jan Baelus, Joke Vande Maele, Peter Swyngedauw
project leader Jan Baelus
partnership New Shoes Today