Play fountain Te Boelaerpark - Antwerp (Deurne) info

The new play fountain in the Te Boelaerpark has replaced an old ornamental fountain and is now the main play feature in the park. The design proposal consists of one design gesture shaped like a simplified labyrinth in which various water spouts are integrated, spraying water at different heights into the air. The fountain is surrounded by a lawn from where you can watch the play area while sitting or lying down.

The play fountain can be reached by all users via the radial paths. In the centre is a circular area with a diameter of ten meters that is equipped with 37 radial water spouts that differ in height. The fountain can be manipulated by users at the touch of a button. For example, in standard mode, the fountain is on with only the tall central water spout or with a water surface. After pressing the button, the other spouts of the water fountain start and the labyrinth is activated.

title play fountain Te Boelaerpark
location Antwerp (Deurne)
client: city of Antwerp
contact person Ellen De Schutter
status completed (2020)
period 2020
schedule play fountain, lawn
tasks design, construction file, site supervision
budget € 180,000 excl VAT
project team Agne Dailidate, Luc Wallays, Tompy Hoedelmans
project leader Tompy Hoedelmans
partnership Willemen Infra NV + Aquafontal