Sports and playarea Wijtschate - Heuvelland (Wijtschate) info

The site of the sports hall and the surrounding landscape in Wijtschate greatly impact each other. A strong integration of the landscape with attention to the elevation and greenery is therefore the most important starting point for the landscape design. In this way the redevelopment of the site forms a new chapter in the rich history of the region. It is important that sports and play find their place on the site in a casual atmosphere. The various zones on the site harbour various types of sports and play. The boundaries between these zones are defined by one metre high verges which add a clear structure to the design.

Near the sports hall, a lowered grass area has been created to function as a meeting place. From here, the various sports fields (boules, football, beach volleyball etc.), the sports hall itself and the other zones within the site are easily accessible. The existing storage room near the youth centre has been replaced by a new, light construction with a terrace, some play hills and a fire pit. Along the youth centre, the existing embankment has been reprofiled in steps to create space for events. Adjacent to the southern forest, an adventurous play trail has been fitted on gently sloping hills. The trail ends with a slope from which a beautiful view emerges overlooking the site. This slope connects the play trail to the play hills and the existing, lower level walkway.

title Sports and playarea Wijtschate
location Heuvelland (Wijtschate)
client Municipality of Heuvelland
contact person Frederik Schoonheere, Wieland De Meyer
status completed
period 2016-2019
surface area circa 2 ha
schedule landscaping sports hall and youth centre, meeting place, sports fields, natural playground, viewpoint, landscape integration
tasks design public space and construction
budget € 400,000 excl. VAT (architecture excluded)
project team Ben Derijcker, Christian Vermander, Stijn Vyncke
project leader Christian Vermander
partnership TOOP architecten
constructor Tuinen Dewulf
awards Laureate Groene Lente 2019