Train station area Klatovy - Czech Republic info

Commissioned by the Czech city of Klatovy, OMGEVING has worked out a strategy for a sustainable transition of the station area together with local partner Třiarchitekti. The strategy consists of a robust framework for the wide station area in which a number of strategic plots aim for compaction. This provides the station area with opportunities for the development of compact housing, offices and innovative activities along the railways.

The reorganization of the mobility node at the station has also been investigated and designed in detail. The current organization does not sufficiently encourage the use of sustainable transport modes. The bus terminal is too far from the station, the access to the station and the forecourt are completely dominated by cars and the station building itself is outdated and underused. In addition to its architectural qualities, this building has great potential to serve as a worthy terminal and enjoyable place to hang out. The design proposal from OMGEVING emphasizes the qualities of the place by allowing the already present green framework to penetrate the forecourt of the station and to move the parking further away. The bus terminal will have a dynamic and well thought-out integration around the central park, whereby the first platform of the train station also functions as the waiting area for the bus. A few new slow connections strengthen the link with the wider environment and a bicycle axis provides a fast connection to the city centre.

This assignment is part of an ambitious project, divided into five areas to rethink large parts of the city. Together with Třiarchitekti, OMGEVING was selected for three of the five subareas.

title station area Klatovy
location Klatovy
client city of Klatovy
contact person Eva Brandoya
status completed
period 2017-2018
programm master plan
tasks transformation vision, strategy and conceptual design
team Andries de Coninck, Carolien Decq, Peter Swyngedauw
project leader Peter Swyngedauw
partnership Třiarchitekti