Strategic plan for the Ghent Canal Zone Project - GentGhent info

In 1993 a strategic planning process was launched with the aim of producing a substantiated and integrated target situation and an action plan (a strategic plan) for the port of Ghent Canal Zone between Ghent and Terneuzen. Up until 2002 this project was known as the ROM (Spatial Planning and Environmental Policy) project, after which the structure was overhauled as a result of the Port Decree and the name was abbreviated to the Ghent Canal Zone Project.

The essential elements in the process are the creation of integrated consultation between the many bodies and committees, developing a cohesive and integrated vision with regard to the highly intertwined area, liaising between the various “roles” in the region, optimizing the cohesion between the various infrastructures (the water and road infrastructure, creating and optimizing business parks, and providing the tools required for the sparing and sustainable use of space), making the Canal Zone more liveable, and improving the general environmental quality.

Pursuant to the “Wel-varende kanaalzone” (“Prosperous Canal Zone”) strategic plan that was approved in 2007, OMGEVING supports the Ghent Canal Zone project office in working out subprojects whereby the activities are focused on the high-quality fulfilment of a range of actions.

title strategic plan for the Ghent Canal Zone project
location Ghent
client Province of East Flanders, Ghent Canal Zone Project Office
contact person Veerle De Bock
status strategic plan approved, external process management ongoing
period 1993-2007 (strategic plan), 2008- (external process management)
method of award public bid
surface area 10.000 ha
team Jan Baelus, Dora Borghijs, Guy Vloebergh, Koen Vande Sompele, Kristof D’Hooghe, Rob Van Hees, Veronique Termolle
project leader Jan Baelus
prizes finalist Flemish Planning Prize 1999 - finalist European Planning Prize 2002 - ISOCARP Award for Excellence 2015